Rice Water

Rice Water

What is it?

Rice is a grain eaten all around the world with centuries of history in traditional and therapeutic uses. It’s used as a remedy to help against different ailments of the body, but also has dermatologic and cosmetic benefits.

How does it help skin?

Rice water is rich in vitamins, proteins, lipids and fatty acids, which help to reduce water loss in the skin. By helping your skin stay hydrated, rice water keeps your skin tightened and strengthened. Rice bran extract has strong antioxidant properties, which are always a plus.

Did you know?

Rice writing, an art that originated in Anatolia (West Turkey) and India, is considered to symbolize prosperity. The oldest example, aging 560 years, can be found Topkapi Palace in Istanbul, Turkey.

Why did we choose it?

Rice water is such a versatile ingredient and its skin benefits prove how useful it is to have in our products. We love how it keeps your skin hydrated, which keeps you looking young and feeling fabulous.

Where is it used?

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