We Care for the Planet While Caring for Your Skin

From selection of ingredients and recyclable packaging to end-of-use disposal, we strive to create effective, vegan skincare with a minimal footprint. 

Earth-friendly Sourcing

Our ingredients are ethically sourced and grown in environments that maximize plant health while caring for the planet. Our partners are committed to fair wage & trade practices.

Thoughtful Packaging

Our suppliers and partners follow strong quality and environmental standards. Our cartons are manufactured using only renewable energy and our packaging is recyclable.

Carbon Neutral

Nuria is proud to be carbon neutral. We’ve offset the carbon footprint of every product over its entire lifecycle, from raw material extraction and manufacturing through product use and recycling.

Improving Kids' Lives

We offset all emissions by partnering with Cool Effect to support carbon reducing projects like the installation of clean cookstoves for children in schools and orphanages in Malawi.

Up to 50% of a product’s carbon footprint happens during use. Nuria has covered those emissions and invite consumers to take sustainable action to help fight climate change.

How You Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

Up to 50% of a product’s carbon footprint happens during use. While we have covered those emissions for you, there is more that you can do to help care of our planet:

• Use cooler water when washing your face

• Use natural and vegan products

• Use every last drop of a product

• Look for clean energy providers in your area

• Recycle

Together we can make a difference!

All Nuria products are safe, clean, effective, vegan, cruelty- free, gluten-free, and satisfaction-guaranteed.