Nuria skincare is clean, effective, vegan, cruelty-free, and satisfaction guaranteed.

We’ve Always Believed in Better Beauty.

✔ Sustainable for the planet. 

✔ Compatible with changing skin. 

✔ Ingredients you can pronounce.

✔ Women supporting women.

✔ Love it or your money back.  

Our Mission

We’ve found the world’s most enduring and effective skincare ingredients and enhanced these time-tested rituals with the best of modern science.  

We’re women-founded, and we support access to education for all women by donating a portion of all sales to organizations like She’s The First.  

About Us

We’re a dynamic, travel-obsessed team of scientists and beauty connoisseurs with a deep curiosity about skincare rituals from around the world. When we see someone with impossibly smooth skin, that coveted dewy glow, or a youthful, age-defying smile, we can’t help but ask “how do you do it?”

Our Skincare

Every product is the result of a beauty bond that began with a simple, honest conversation between women. Ancient rituals are unearthed and enhanced by science to create modern-day skincare solutions.

Nuria is a global beauty collaboration passed from one woman to another, to another…

Who will you tell next?

Meet Naomi

I spent two decades traveling around the world for beauty brands. During a business trip to Indonesia, a local woman noticed the heat and humidity were really getting to me. She took me into her room and applied a strong smelling oil to my face. It cooled my skin and brought instant relief. That was my first introduction to tea tree oil, and today, you can find it in our Rescue Toner.

That experience created a bond. It also helped me recognize that for every skincare struggle we’re trying to solve, someone somewhere in the world has a solution. So, I began a journey of discovery, talking to women everywhere about their most sacred beauty rituals. With this collective wisdom, my background in science and beauty, and a desire to uplift and inspire women around the world, I started my own beauty company.

Nuria is a celebration of the global collaboration between women, nature, and science. 

Because we can all be brighter, together. 


Nuria’s founder scoured the globe for skincare wisdom and natural ingredients that work. Then adapted them to create clean, effective skincare that can be mixed and matched to keep skin healthy and radiant.