How to Stay Radiant as the Season Changes

How to Stay Radiant as the Season Changes

Along with colorful leaves and all-things pumpkin spice, Fall brings chilly weather that can wreak havoc on your skin. As temperatures start to drop, the air becomes less humid. For many of us the seasonal change from the warm summer months into a colder dryer period can cause skin issues to flare up. 

It’s not uncommon to see an increase in acne, breakouts, skin sensitivity, and dryness during this time. Our skin changes every day based on our lifestyle and our environment, so it makes sense that a shift in seasons could affect it. This is just another example of how our skin and its needs are dynamic and not tied to being one, static skin type. 

And while changing skin needs may be unavoidable, having healthy and nourished skin shouldn’t be impossible! Here are some Fall skincare tips for staying radiant even as the season changes.

Why does a change in season affect your skin?

To explain why seasonal changes affect the skin we need to understand the importance of our skin barrier. The skin barrier is the outermost layer of your skin, acting as a protective shield against harmful elements, while locking in moisture. Damage to the skin barrier occurs when there is a loss of moisture or nutrients, creating cracks which allow irritants to penetrate the skin barrier.

A healthy skin barrier looks like a smooth, clear, even toned complexion. A damaged skin barrier can result in breakouts, dryness, tightness, redness, irritation, rashes, broken capillaries, and other symptoms that are typically attributed to having sensitive skin.

Changes in humidity and temperature are factors that affect the health of the skin barrier. A study published by the British Journal of Dermatology shows a link between climate changes and changes in skin barrier cell texture. During the autumn, the temperature might be warmer one day and significantly drop the next, creating an inconsistent environment.

Since skin likes consistency, autumn’s fluctuations in weather trigger the skin to constantly adjust in an attempt for balance. Autumn also brings less humidity in comparison to the summer months, and this loss of hydration can mean dryer and more delicate skin. This in turn leads to the disruption of the skin’s outer layer. This also explains why we might experience sensitivity, inflammation, acne and redness with a change of seasons.

What steps should I include in my fall skincare routine?

Now that we understand how the environment is impacting our skin, we can dive into the different skin care measures to help maintain healthy skin throughout seasonal transitions.

Don't skip cleansing. Even if you feel like your skin is dry, you still need to cleanse your skin every day. A gentle cleanser can help remove dirt and oil that can lead to breakouts. It can also help remove dead skin cells that build up and clog pores.

Try our Defend Purifying Cleanser to cleanse while maintaining your skin’s moisture. If you feel like the dead skin is really building up, consider using a gentle exfoliator once a week. But don't overdo it.  Too much exfoliation can disrupt your skin barrier.

Implement a toner - If you aren’t already using a toner, add one to your Fall skincare routine after cleansing and before applying a moisturizer. This will help your skin barrier stay balanced despite throughout fluctuations in the weather. A toner will also help combat dryness as it helps the skin retain moisture.

Our Hydrate Moisturizing Toner helps restore moisture and encourages your skin to repair damage that may have occurred from the change in seasons. It contains Mallow Root, which has antioxidant and calming properties to calm and soothe rough, dry skin. It also helps prep your skin for the rest of your routine, making those serums and moisturizer more effective.

Stay Hydrated. Be sure to keep your skin nourished and moisturized -- even those of you who have oily skin. A hydrated moisture baiter is a healthy and happy skin barrier.

For some, this can be done with a combination of a hydrating face serum with hyaluronic acid and your daily moisturizer. Others might want to switch to a heavier moisturizer as the temperatures get colder. A great ingredient to look for is shea butter, which you can find in our Calm Daily Moisturizer. And don't forget your eye cream for that delicate under-eye area.

Don't forget your sunscreen. Even though summer has ended, the sun's harmful UV rays can still cause sun damage. Broad spectrum sunscreen is always a must, no matter the season!

What other steps can I take to care for my skin as the season change?

Besides changing up your Fall skincare routine, you can there are other things you can do to ensure radiant and smooth skin as the weather gets cooler.

Drink enough water – This isn’t groundbreaking information, as we all know the importance of drinking enough water for our overall health. When it comes to our skin, hydration is crucial. To combat the dip in humidity, it’s important to ensure our skin is still receiving the hydration it needs to maintain a healthy skin barrier.

Consider a humidifier  Humidifiers force moisture into the air, which keeps your environment more hydrated, and this, in turn, helps your skin barrier properly do its job.

Listen to your skin – Everyone’s skin is reacting to its own set of unique external and internal conditions based on their environment, lifestyle, stress levels, and diet. Seasonal change is just one element that factors into this, affecting everyone differently and to varying degrees.

Therefore, before implementing other people’s recommendations, it’s important to listen to your skin needs, observing how it looks and feels, and responding accordingly. If your skin is feeling especially dry, address that by switching to a thicker moisturizer or by adding a hydrating face mask to your Fall skincare routine.

So there you have it, some easy ways to adapt your skin care routine and help your skin stay radiant as the season changes to Fall.

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