Witch Hazel

Witch Hazel

What is it?

Witch Hazel is a flowering plant that has been long used as a popular home remedy to treat a number of topical health issues from your face to your feet! Beyond it’s use in herbal medicine, witch hazel has high polyphenolic contents, which is known to exhibit high antioxidant benefits.

How does it help skin?

Witch Hazel has astringent and antioxidant properties, which helps reduce excess oil, minimize the look of pores, and soothe skin. Witch hazel has been used topically as an astringent to help ease troubled skin.

Did you know?

When the tree drops its blossoms, the blooms produce seeds that shoot off from the tree. The orange yellow flowers look just like little fireworks!

Why did we choose it?

With its age-old use in health and skincare remedies around the globe, Witch Hazel combines two worlds of being nature-inspired and effective, the Nuria way.

Where is it used?

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