What is it?

Safflower is a plant that dates back to Ancient Egyptian times, where yellow and red dyes from the flower were used to color cotton, silk and later on food, beverages and textiles. Safflower is also cultivated for its seed, which produces an oil used for cooking and traditional medicine around the world.

How does it help skin?

Safflower contains essential fatty acids, linoleic, that are known to soften and strengthen skin elasticity. The extract helps to plump skin and provide a building block to moisturize your skin. It’s also been shown to have antioxidant and soothing properties.

Did you know?

Safflower seeds are commonly used to feed parrots! Some popular foods that are dyed with safflower pigment are cheese, chocolate and juice.

Why did we choose it?

We know how important hydration is in a skincare routine, and safflower is a great addition to help strengthen your skin’s natural moisture barrier. A flower first found in ancient Egypt and later spread to Europe, we loved that this wisdom has already quietly traveled around the world.

Where is it used?

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