Mallow Root

Mallow Root

What is it?

Marsh Mallow, a plant containing mallow root, is native to Europe and dates back thousands of years, where it was used for a variety of treatments and health benefits. The entire plant is used for medicinal purposes – leaves, flowers and roots.

How does it help skin?

Mallow Root has been studied for its calming benefits, which can lead to skin that is soft and soothed. Rough and dry skin can be tamed with the calming and antioxidant properties of mallow root.

Did you know?

The name marshmallow comes from the way the plant grows, in damp marshes and meadows.

Why did we choose it?

Once a key ingredient in yummy marshmallows, mallow root has been used in Eastern Europe for generations to help soften the skin. We like marshmallows and we like soft skin.

Where is it used?

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