What is it?

Loquat is a small fruit tree native to China. The fruit is commonly eaten whole, but is also made into jams and jellies with its tart taste. The leaves have been used historically in traditional medicines.

How does it help skin?

Loquat leaves are loaded with compounds, specifically triterpenoids, that help boost the skin’s ability in a number of processes to keep skin looking and feeling healthy. The antioxidant properties help aid troubled skin to reveal its natural glow, while maintaining a youthful appearance.

Did you know?

Loquats and kumquats are commonly mixed up! Loquats are more related to apples, pears and peaches, whereas kumquats are in the citrus family.

Why did we choose it?

It’s no wonder that women in China have long used loquat in traditional medicine, in yummy foods, and on skin. Containing 18 different triterpenoids, 12 of which have been shown to have skin clearing benefits, loquat is a great natural substitute for potentially irritating treatments for troubled skin.

Where is it used?

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