Damask Rose

Damask Rose

What is it?

Damask rose or Rosa damascena is a well-known aromatic, floral plant cultivated for perfume, food and medicine. All parts of the plant are utilized and turned into different products, including water, oil, extracts, and both fresh & dried flowers and rose hips. 

How it helps skin?

Damask rose is full of vitamins, minerals and flavonoids that help your skin combat free radicals with its natural antioxidant properties. Its high antioxidant activity helps calm skin and helps to improve overall skin appearance.

Did you know?

Rose water is sprinkled at weddings as a symbol of purity, love, and to ensure a happy marriage. There are rose fossils found in America that are 30 million years old!

Why we chose it?

Who can resist the beauty of a rose?  Ancient Egyptians used roses in beauty balms, and the ritual of using roses in beauty was passed from culture to culture until Europeans brought their love of roses in skincare to North America. Today, roses are lovingly cultivated across North America and remain one of the most beautiful and powerful local antioxidants for amazing skin benefits. 

Where is it used?

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