What is it?

A multifunctional plant, Cottongrass, has been used traditionally by Native Americans for a variety of reasons – from weaving the leaves and stems into covers for mattresses to eating raw stems to restore good health. It’s a resilient and dominant plant in arctic zones, which speaks to its adaptive and protective qualities

How it helps skin?

Cottongrass has unique nourishing and soothing skin properties with its polyphenols and antioxidant benefits. Environmental factors can cause the oxidative stress experienced by skin, which can lead to premature aging. Cottongrass moisturizes and softens skin to maintain a healthy skin barrier.

Did you know?

Cottongrass is neither cotton nor grass! The name comes from its fluffy, white, cotton-like flowers. It’s also classified as a member of the sedge family, a flowering plant, rather than being grass.

Why we chose it?

Cottongrass has such a rich history of uses throughout North America, from the cold climates of Alaska and the Canadian province Manitoba to the more temperate plains of Iowa. It grows in such challenging places that it was considered a signal of danger for explorers! Locals have learned how to safely harvest this powerful plant, using every part of the plant to improve health and wellbeing.

Where is it used?

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