Carrot Seed Oil

Carrot Seed Oil

What is it?

Carrot Seed Oil is extracted from the seeds of Daucus Carota and is often referred to as carrot seed essential oil. Carrot seed contains a high concentration of beta carotene, which is a precursor of Vitamin A.

How does it help skin?

Carrot Seed Oil, rich in antioxidants, helps detoxify and promote skin barrier restoration while reducing visible signs of aging. Carrot seed oil provides skin benefits against visible effects of photodamage.

Did you know?

Wild carrot seed is also called “Queen Anne’s Lace” in Europe.

Why did we choose it?

Carrot Seed Oil provides natural skin protection and helps address damage that has already been done, a two in one benefit that we love in our high potency Nuria Defend Skin Restoring Serum.

Where is it used?

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