3 Ways to Reduce your Carbon Footprint

3 Ways to Reduce your Carbon Footprint

Combating climate change is no simple feat and it’s quite daunting to know where to begin! That’s why we have found three effective and relatively simple ways you can reduce your environmental impact.

1. Eat Fresh & Less Meat

Did you know that livestock (meat and dairy) make up 14.5 percent of greenhouse gas emissions? The meat industry has a major impact on the environment through greenhouse gas emissions, water use, and land degradation. By eating less meat and/or supporting local meat sources you can reduce your environmental impact significantly. You can reduce your carbon footprint by 8 pounds every day that you don’t consume meat. Food transportation is another factor having a significant impact on the environment. Transporting and cooling food requires fossil fuels, therefore eating foods that are local, in season and organic reduces your environmental footprint.

2. Do Laundry in Cold Water

Washing your clothes in cold water is better for the environment as cold water is gentler on your clothing and requires less energy. If you do two loads of laundry per week in cold water as opposed to hot water you can reduce your carbon footprint by up to 500 pounds per year!

3. Recycle More

Recycling is something you may already be doing, but you might be curious about improving your recycling efforts. A good thing to remember is if a bin has instructions, make sure to follow them. It's also helpful to ensure none of your items have any liquid or food waste and to avoid smaller items like bottle caps and straws because these can be harder to process. Remember, recycling isn't just for food packaging. You can recycle you skincare products too! All Nuria products can be recycled, and to find local recycling information you can enter your zip code here

Beyond recycling, it’s important to use products that can actually be broken down or reused. For example, the microbeads found in common exfoliating scrubs do not break down naturally and can be harmful to both the environment and your skin barrier. We recommend instead opting for a gentle exfoliator that leverages natural ingredients like Ginkgo for exfoliation.

Bonus Tip: Support Girls' Education

This one may seem less obvious but it ranks highly in effectiveness to combat climate change. Project Drawdown ranked the 100 most effective climate change solutions, with educating girls ranking in the top 5 solutions! When women are educated, families thrive, communities flourish, and economies grow: When a girl graduates high school, she is more likely to have fewer, healthier children, delay marriage, and make 20% more per year of schooling. That’s why Nuria contributes a portion of sales to education through She’s the First. Learn more about She’s the First and Project Drawdown and how you can help change the world for better.

Looking for more?

Up to 50% of a product’s carbon footprint happens during use, so make sure to use every last drop of a product.  Use cooler water when washing your face and stick with natural and vegan products. Finally, look for clean energy providers in your area to make your home more sustainable.

Every bit helps when it comes to reducing your environmental footprint. We'd love to hear your strategies and ideas to combat climate change! Tag us on social @nuriabeauty so we can be more sustainable together.



About the author, Naomi Furgiuele
Naomi is the founder of Nuria and a self-professed nerd with a love for all things science and skin care. She’s had a hand in product development for some of the biggest global beauty brands in the business, gets some of her best ideas while out on a run, and loves her exfoliator almost as much as her awesome family.


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