Chinese Willowleaf Magnolia

Chinese Willowleaf Magnolia

What is it?

Magnolia biondii or Chinese Willowleaf Magnolia is plant widely found in China. It can be identified through its small white flowers that have a strong fragrance and appear only every few years. Many parts of the plant have been used traditionally from the fruit and flower buds to the petals.

How does it help skin?

With its antioxidant compounds, Magnolia biondii helps soothe the skin. These effects, when combined with other skin-loving ingredients, provides a synergy that helps bring softness, calmness, and comfort to your skincare routine.

Did you know?

Chinese Willowleaf Magnolia is also called "Hope for Spring Flower" since it flowers in the late winter to early spring.

Why did we choose it?

Native to China, the willowleaf magnolia is a beautiful tree with lemon-scented flowers that symbolize female beauty and are associated with self-esteem and strength. The tree has been cultivated in China for generations to maximize the blooms' size and color, and extracts from the flower bud have been traditionally used to soothe irritated skin.

Where is it used?

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