Do Orgasms Give You Beautiful Skin?

Do Orgasms Give You Beautiful Skin?

The BIG O and our facial GLOW, can we have both? We’re talking about the post-orgasm bloom—a healthy loved-up complexion that comes from delights like a restful vacation or a direct flight to our happy place. But seriously, think about how many bazillion products try to mimic the iconic afterglow. For decades, cosmetic companies have been selling us the fake-it-til-you-make-it approach—ever since the dawn of pink blushes and sparkly shimmers.

So REAL talk here: can we really orgasm our way to flawless skin? We consulted the experts to get a final verdict!

Can orgasms improve our skin?

When in doubt, we turn to science! There’s an interesting study by a group of medical psychologists based in Germany who examined the effects of masturbation on blood quality in ten female participants. After orgasm was reached, the researchers drew blood and analyzed its hormone levels. And guess what?

The hormones that increased just so happen to be the ones involved in our skin’s moisture production and collagen growth! Let’s explore further, shall we? We’ll focus on the top two hormones: prolactin and testosterone.

Prolactin’s role in skin beauty

Prolactin is much more exciting than it sounds. This polypeptide hormone activates lactation, breast growth, and countless other feminine effects we love. But more importantly, according to the Journal of Investigative Dermatology, prolactin can act as a skin thickener! Since it’s a bioregulator that may influence gene expression, it has the power to improve skin disorders by cushioning the dermis. How? One word: collagen!

Prolactin is the hormone that increases the most after we orgasm, so it’s like giving yourself a quickie collagen boost. But prolactin isn’t the only beautifier in this orgasmic skin cocktail. Testosterone is also responsible for helping our complexion show those feel-good vibes.

Testosterone’s role in skin beauty

Ask a woman what she thinks about increasing her testosterone, and most likely she’ll be imagining herself with a lot more hair. But actually, testosterone in balanced amounts is more friend than foe in the beauty department. As it signals our sebaceous glands to release oil, this hormone leaves us with that dewy, sweat-kissed sheen—the effect that illuminating powders try to copy!

Natural facial oil is a great thing! It cushions our skin in a protective coating, creating a beautiful light-reflecting glow. But that’s not to say that excess testosterone doesn’t have its downside. So we won’t deny that when testosterone levels go berserk, this action can trigger sebum overload and acne. On the upside, however, if you’ve got the right skincare ritual, you can curb the negative effects of oil, while basking in its sexy side effects.

What about orgasms and facial circulation?

Experts say that orgasms can help boost blood flow throughout our entire body. “When you’re experiencing low circulation, you’re more vulnerable to inflammation, so a circulation boost from an orgasm can work as good anti-inflammatory support,” says Dr. Ava Shamban, M.D., board-certified dermatologist and co-founder of medspa, Skin Five in California. Blemishes and flare-ups (including eczema) can be triggered by inflammation, she adds.

That’s why good circulation is key for a radiant complexion. It promotes lymphatic drainage, which clears away fluid buildup and toxins, encouraging fresh oxygen-rich blood—and YES, this healthiness shows up on our face!

How often do we O for better skin?

The only question that remains now is about frequency: how often do we need to orgasm for better skin? Because obviously, if it requires dozens of daily orgasms, then we’ll happily settle for the pretend afterglow from makeup. Fortunately though, the demands aren’t too high—the magic number is three times a week!

Gigi Engle, a certified sex educator, posted a study on Twitter which showed that 3,500 women, on average, who had three orgasms a week, would look at least 10 years younger than those who only had two orgasms.

Natural alternatives to orgasmic skin

When we need a different route to skin that says “I bask in my own sunlight,” there are other options!

From fitness to skin care, learning other tricks outside the bedroom can keep our complexion looking glorious.

Regular exercise

Similar to an orgasm-induced boost in circulation, regular exercise encourages strong blood flow. It invites fresh oxygen into our bodies, while training our skin to stay hydrated for longer. According to Dermatological Researcher Dr. Oizumi Ryosuke, “Increased activity relates to significantly higher SC [stratum corneum] hydration—the higher the activity levels, the higher the hydration.”

Serum jade roller combo

Great skincare can also get us closer to a complexion climax—we just need two tools: facial serum and a jade roller. When choosing a serum, look for formulas that contain retinol or retinol-like activity, to stimulate our skin cells to encourage production of collagen and elastin. Nuria’s Defend Skin Restoring Serum combines carrot seed oil, a potent, non-irritating alternative to retinol, with sodium hyaluronate and other energizing nutrients. By adding the jade roller action, we can stimulate even more facial circulation for that perfect flush.

Night jelly

How about some morning glory? It involves some jelly but not the edible kind - we’re talking about overnight replenishing masks.

These treatments take advantage of nocturnal downtime (when our skin cells repair themselves), letting us maximize our beauty sleep, explains Dr. Joshua Zeichner. Find a formula with an explosive concentration of antioxidants like Nuria’s award-winning Hydrate Revitalizing Night Jelly which contains explosive amounts of bilberry, along with safflower and gardenia.

Whoever said “pain is beauty” obviously never tried to orgasm their way to perfect skin. So if you’ve ever doubted your potential for pulling off the barely-there-makeup look, perhaps now you can try unlocking the secret to the best facial on earth! Not only does it come with a side of endorphins, it’s also totally free.


About the author, Rachel Esco
Rachel Esco is freelance beauty copywriter based in Toronto, specializing in conscious cosmetics and natural skincare. Over her career, she’s collaborated on projects for leading global brands in skin care, hair care, makeup & nails. If stranded alone on a deserted island, she’d be content with the following two items: SPF and Netflix.

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