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Mini Brights Dull Skin Relief Set

Mini Brights™ Dull Skin Relief

Is your skin looking dull from a stressful year?  

Stress can do a number on your skin, but this routine will help you recover your glow no matter where you go. Reward your skin with these small, but mighty radiance boosters.  

All proceeds from this set will be donated to She’s the First, so you will help more than your skin with this purchase.

Gentle Exfoliator: 20ml / 0.7 fl oz liq US
Skin Shielding Essence: 15 mL / 0.5 fl liq oz US
Skin Restoring Serum: 10 mL / 0.3 fl liq oz US
Triple Action Eye Cream: 5 mL / 0.2 fl liq oz
Overnight Recovery Cream: 10 mL / 0.3 fl liq oz US

Nuria Cosmetics Bag:  6W x 2D in

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    Clean Beauty

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Mini Brights Dull Skin Relief Set

Meet the Routine

Step 1: Apply the Gentle Exfoliator to clean wet skin and start to feel the magic everyone is raving about. It purifies, exfoliates, and smooths rough skin texture without harming your skin barrier. All without microbeads!

Step 2: Strengthen your skin’s natural defenses with the Skin Shielding Essence, featuring plant-based extracts like Ginseng & Carob! 

Step 3: Apply the Skin Restoring Serum to boost the healthy, youthful look of your skin. Nuria's serum philosophy is for "less-is-more" formulas with only the essential ingredients. That's why you need only 1-2 drops to get the full benefit of our serums. Let it absorb completely before moving to the next step.

Step 4: Apply the Triple Action Eye Cream to your delicate eye area. Made with Mulberry Root & Ginseng, it brightens dark circles & reduces the look of puffiness + fine lines.

Step 5: Apply the Overnight Recovery Cream to your entire face (avoiding the eye area). It works during your skin’s natural overnight repair process, so you can wake up with a visibly smoother, more radiant complexion.

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